Hello! This is the final part of our Career Resolution Series. We do hope you have had a wonderful experience following. Let us go ahead now as we round off

If you’ve been ticking all the boxes in this list, you’re a sure bet to land an interview. So, you’ll want to know what to expect in a tech interview, how to avoid interview mistakes, how to handle tricky interview questions, and what questions to ask in an interview.

And, depending on the role you’re a candidate for, you might also be interested in how to handle a remote interview or what tech interviews for specific roles are like.

That’s it! After going through this list, you’ll have the job or freelance project you thought was just a dream a few short weeks ago. Now, get to work enjoying your new career!

Maybe you love the job you have now or, for other reasons, need to stay where you are. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing year at work!

I still recommend step 2 (get the skills you need) and step 3 (get over yourself) since you can still apply these changes without switching jobs. But you can also improve your relationship with your boss, get a promotion, or negotiate a raise or set new client rates. Or you can add a side hustle, start working remotely, or take on more creative work to keep your momentum going and level up in your current situation

In any case, you can enjoy every day at work even more when you get help from your boss, find a work-life balance, cut back on job stress, combat loneliness when you work remotely, upgrade your home office, manage your money better, and maybe even treat yourself to some useful tech gifts!

Credits to to Kelli Smith(SkillCrush) for insight on this series